Zindgi ke upar Story Sunai baba ji ne satsang par

An incident of life …….
A king had been sitting in anticipation for the son’s achievement for many days, but the son was not there.
Her advisers talked about Tantricism cooperation
The suggestion is that if a child is sacrificed, then the son will get acquainted.
The king spread the word in the state that a lot of money will be given to the child who will give it to his child.
There were many children in a family, there was poverty, there was also a child who believed in God and had more time in satsang with saints. The family felt that it should be given to the king, because it does not do anything, nor any of our work. With this the king will be happy and give a lot of money.
Such a child was given to the king.
The king’s mechanisms were prepared for the sacrifice of the child,
The king was also called, the child was asked what is your last wish?
Because today is the last day of your life.
The child said that it is okay to give sand for me, sand has come.

The child made four grams of sand, one by one, broke the sand of three sands
And sitting in front of the fourth, sat down and said that now what he has to do.
Seeing all this, Tautrik scared that what he has done before you speak.
The King also asked if the child said that the first step is to my parents,
It was his duty to protect me but he sold me for money.
That is why I broke the stairs, the other was of my relatives,
They did not even explain to my parents the third is your king
Because it is the job of the king to protect all the people of the state
But the king only wants to sacrifice me, so I broke it.
Now I trust only my Satguru and God, so that is why I left a third.
The king thought that he did not know whether or not the son was born after the child’s sacrifice
Why not make this child his own son, is such a sensible and godly child. This will be called a better child.
The king made that child his son and declared him a prince.
* Vanthanas: Those who believe in God and Satguru, their hair is also not baked, and in every difficulty one who takes shelter does not have any kind of harm.
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

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