Wo konse Chize hai jo hame bhagwan ki bhaqti main nhi lagane deti hai?

What is it that does not allow us to worship the master? ° ¤ ♧ ☆
It is the love of the body that we are sitting in the body day and night are engaged in Ashoka Ishrat Sharab kabobo etc. We should think well that what is our relation with this body is this house of rent is a paraya house * The cage of time is as many breaths as the Spirit has got * When you have finished this body, you have to leave this body here. This body has not been with anyone till date, and can not go when this body does not go along. in this At which travel the world * We can made * that we do to help? * ♧ ♤ ¤ ☆
We do not deny any falsehood and dishonesty for our brothers and sisters and relatives.
How much waste time for them! All of them are concerned only with our body, many of us leave us and leave them. Many of us leave. At the time of death, all of us are sitting around us. No one can even know that Where do the angels come from and where we go about, all of them are only related to the

transaction and the love of the thaw has come to become a friend friend, no one came as a sister or a brother. ° No son should come as a daughter Gone like All ends accordingly with these transactions ° Chahia¤ their fall on your way ☆ therefore have them try to understand their duty ☆
Do not try to run towards forests and mountains except the world; Surat does not make us cowardly and we do not have the courage to live in the world. Surma is brave and brave but while living in the world, do not fall into the scum of the world. Take care is to associate with ° “word or name”.
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

Updated: March 31, 2018 — 12:54 pm
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