When baba ji went to Spain Sakhi

Saakhi ?
When Babaji went on a trip to Spain, when it was time to
go to Satsang, Babaji asked his factory, how much time
would it take to reach satsang, the secretary said that
the traffic will take 2 to 3 hours! But within 45 minutes
he reached near the Satsanga home. Babaji said that there
is a lot of time now let’s go to a clock shop. When I
went to the shop and asked the boy to watch the clock,
but Babaji was not liking any watch, Babaji was speaking
to show that boy more clock, but that boy was repeatedly
showing the same watch, then Babaji Said that it does not

seem to show your heart, you are showing only one clock
again and again. The boy’s eyes were filled, he said,
how will my heart be? Today there is a saint’s satsang
and I am very much moved to go there that I should go
there and see those saints but by putting my boss on
the shop, I am the servant who has gone!
He did not know that he was speaking this only to Babaji.
See, our babaji’s memory reminds us with a true heart
and it can not be there that it does not reach there.
? Radhaswamy ji

Updated: March 11, 2019 — 8:27 pm
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