True hear touching story of my master

(Talk of Mercy Mehr) When the food (guruprasad) is given in the Beas anchor, it is repeated annoucement that as much as is needed, it should be taken as much as the eyes of the master are on it, and anyway, Should not. A child was a handicap that could not eat properly, was sitting in anchor. Trying to eat, at a distance, a woman was watching it all. Her heart was filled with compassion that the child can not eat poor food and the child’s saliva was coming out of the mouth and falling in a dish (the vegetable), the woman went to him and broke the small pieces of bread In the mouth, eat the son, eat not eaten from you, ate some food left in some plate, when he started going towards the sticks, the sevadars got caught, now he was going to wash the poor dishes, the savers said, eat it, After eating the dishes are washed by empty. The woman started crying, she explained that this child is not mine, she can not eat, she was helping her in eating. This child is not mine. The volunteers did not listen to him and told him we do not know you are lying, you eat food. One hour crying Now your falsehood is not eaten, and who else eat the food that is eaten out

of the mouth? Well, after 2 hours, the ministers who did not give up, the ministers did not leave him. After finishing the meal, after somehow he ended the meal, the lady later cried and reached the diameter committee that I have to talk to Hajur. When Babaji appeared before he went to Baba ji, Baba ji, what was wrong with me? Your volunteers pushed me with me, if I fed the false food of another, then Hajoor said that the 4 lady servants who were alive were feeding you, the fifth was also in it, she was surprised to hear it. Hajoor said because your guru has donated his name, your karma was very heavy and your next birth was going to be a pig and you had to walk all the time in the dirt. But God had mercy on you so that you feed a child with a false food. Paid your deeds. So, we do not know what kind of compassion in Hajur that we consider to be bad, maybe it is our good fortune. Satguru knows better than us what is good and bad for us. That is why we should never ever understand the tooth made by the guru as small. Do not know which secret is hidden in it? Your Servant Secrets
Radha Swamiji …

Updated: May 19, 2018 — 6:43 pm
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