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Todays 23 Febuary 2018 Qus.Ans. Dera Beas

Todays 23 Febuary 2018 Qus.Ans. Dera Beas๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป
Q.1 Girl–baba g ik line bol lva
Baba g -bolo
Girl–kothe te kil guru ji….
Basa de kiraye vadh gye ..saanu ghr aa k milo guru ji(full laugh of sangat & Baba gโ˜บ)
Baba g–kujh is chitti daadhi da v khyal kr lo…is umar ch eda milan nu keh rhe o
Q.2 Boy–Baba g pdayi ch man nahi lgda..
Baba g (up his eyebrow wid sweet smile) fer kidar lgda??eh munde laal rang de boot kdo to paan lag gye…..apne hi h k kise kudi to mang k pa k aaya
Boy–baba g apne hi h
Boy–baba g main kujh vdha krna chanda ha…
Baba g–kro fer
Boy–baba g par pdayi ch man nahi lgda
Baba g—laal boot payenga te man kitho lgna….
Boy—baba g mera vdhe bhra ne naamdan nhi lya..par fer v svere phla dhyan te baithda fer college janda
Baba–fer sikh tu onde kolo kujh…tu ta laal boot pa k hi ghumi janaโ˜บ
Q.3 Girl–Baba g meri bhain di ik icha hai..tusi puri kroge
Baba g—beta agr sahi hoyi ta jrur krange
Girl—baba g oh ik foji naal viah krana chandi h

Baba g–(laugh)—hun main marrige beuro v khol lva..viah kraya kra..te ik boota da showroom khol lva..laal laal boot vechya kraโ˜บ
Q.4 Girl—baba g tusi meri har icha puri kiti hai..main tuhadi shukrgujar ha hun bas ik hi icha hai….k mere andr parmarath te tuhade lyi prem ena jyada bhr jaye k main jithe v hova..jis v situation vich hova ..mainu har jgha tusi hi nazar aayo
Baba ji–(wid sweet smile)beta icha ta achi hai..par eh krni ch utaro…puri tra naal
Q.5 Boy–baba g mere mummy papa sab da bahut acha krde hai..par fer v ona naal acha nhi hunda..ki krna chahida
Baba g–beta asi sab da bhla hi krna hai..koi kujh v kre..agr asi bhla krange ta saada bojh ghtega te agr koi bura krega ta oh apna bojh vdayega
Q.6 Girl–baba g ashirwaad deyo k andr eni tadaf hoye te oh tadaf odo tak lgi rhe ..jdo tk andro darshan na ho jaan
Baba g-beta eh jedi virha hai.. eh oda bdi pyari daat hai..te usnu paan lyi andr chahidi hai
Q.7 Boy–baba g tusi chaho ta sab kujh kr skde ho..sabnu andro darshan de skde ho…fir dinde kyu nhi
Baba g—beta kya saanu sabnu kadar hai??oh ik vari kabir g ne sur nu keha c k aaja tainu vahisht lai java. Oh ago khnda k othe gand milega??kabir g ne keha othe gand da ki mtlb…fer sur khnda.main nhi jana fer….ohi haal saada…
Q.8 Girl–baba g bahar mahol bahut khrab hai..tusi bahut acha mahol bnaya hoya aithe dere vich..bchya lyi
Baba g–main ki bnaya beta..svaal ta tusi bache puchde ho…
Girl–par baba g jvab ta tusi hi dinde o
Baba g–main ta tota ha…jo kuch hajur to sunya ohi ratda rhna ..main keda koi navi gal khna ha

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