Time milte bhajan simran kro

Worship in time. Two sisters were grinding wheat grinding mill grinding was also a sister eating grains of wheat. Her other sister, eating not just go home in between explaining Thykdek Chopd to sit comfortably to eat by Churi but also other sister was eating. Peace said. After some time, both sides of the house and put in the canister are crushed wheat rising.
The sudden fall in the mud on the way all the dough has deteriorated.
And Kabir Das Ji, wrote: –

Kabir Auto Pdyo in the mire. Not Kachu hand held ..
Pisat Chabyo Pisat. So with the Nibyo ..
Huey troubled life that live in and only the true God is to be fitted Waheguru your Preet mine.Neither to wait for the best time to come is with the Guru Preet and poised with Prtit end ..

Updated: January 31, 2017 — 9:37 pm
Manish says:

my name manish from karnal

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