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The Sweet some Words of baba ji

The sweet words of Maharaj Sawan Singh ji find people to find out the coolness of the outside and not see the inner coolness, which gives peace to the outside, and to pay attention to the ones who are going to settle down
• Name is no toy, no big wealth, no share
• When the saints come, do not appreciate anything when they are gone, then they are there and then what has happened, but if someone sincerely repents, then he also comes in the way of devotion.
• Take advantage of the name by taking the name of this body, the thing that goes along with it is Satguru and words are so named Japa Satguru’s eternal fear and love.
Do not keep the mind empty, keep doing service or hymn. Keep it in some work. It is a work of mind. It does not sit empty, go to sleep, wake up and eat the name of the drink, do not leave the name of the name at any time. Do not be afraid of anything, neither do ghosts nor old age nor magic nor talisman can make any impact. Take advantage of taking birth
• Saints’ strength is a very high thing i can eat the fruit of the tree, or eat the animal, the person who rides or dies under the feet of the saints, they are exempted from chorusa, and they are born of human birth. Blessed is His birth due to whom Satguru Satguru provides such a service to him that many people have good earnings to serve their bodies.

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