Sunday Question Answer Children With Baba ji

1. Boy- Babaji, why do you mind touching your feet?
Babaji – Son, why do we touch feet? That is why we can tell our elders that we are small to them and respect everything they have to believe in him. You tell me what you consider me to be. Every time I say the same thing I still do not believe. Then what advantage does it touch?
(Babaji would go to him – you wore this nikrama by touching the feet of your legs, your legs will touch you) In the accompaniment of a sense of humor
2. Girl- Babaji runs the dera cone.
Babaji (in joke) – Son Dera then runs the sevadar but I take all the credit. I do nothing but everyone takes my name, how good Babaji has done. When all is right then I patting my back. (Strong tone in accompaniment)
3. Boy- Babaji, I do not feel like reading my heart.
Babaji – If you get married, then you will find yourself. There will be 2 or 3 children, someone will tease you here, someone will catch your child. Then read well (Compatible laughing)
4. Girl – Babuji how much our dressing sense matters.
Babaji – Son, our clothes reflect our mentality. Wearing clothes that they all look good. In the name of fashion we should not wear anything.
5. The boy- Babaji, if a doctor dies after treatment, then the doctor’s karma will be created.
Babaji – Son depends on what is the situation. If the patient’s disease has increased so much that if the doctor is not able to do anything even after doing it, then there will be no work done by the doctor. But if the doctor died due to the mistake, then the doctor will have to take action, son.
6. If thousands of ants and insects die under our feet like Baba – Babaji, then do we have to take action.

Babaji – Absolutely, son, we have to take these karmas only.
Boy – Babaji, we know a little bit, the ants are dying under our feet.
Babaji – Well, if you drink poison, by mistake, it will not die. But do not think about it. Do the bhajan simran so do not get it.
7. The boy – Babaji says my father, I am the face of my grandfather because his death and birth took place on a single date. Can it be so.
Babaji – If it is so, then it is fun. Scolding the father, put the money here, keep it here, I’m your papa (laughing consistently)
8. Boy – Babuji keep me in security with you. I will also go with you
Babaji – Son wants to go with me, or he wants to come to the section with BBBI. You do not want to be so? If this is the case, then if anybody likes it, then he will repent (strongly in harmony)
And the best questions
9. Girl – Babaji, the parents who bring us to the world are bigger than God. How can we believe that God is bigger than them? This is wrong. We must worship parents
Babaji – Son, every relation of the world is related to some other need. It sounds weird to hear but the relationship of the parent is also related to one meaning. They make us grow up so that we can become their support in old age so that they can become their support in old age.
That is why Bani has also said, ‘Kud mata, Kud dad, Garbha sab sansar, Kud kooode injhaa, Vishreya kartar.
He is a divine with whom our relastless means without any means.
But this does not mean that we do not respect our parents. Love them, respect them, say, they do not care for us in this world. But keep God at the top.

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