Successful man extinguished and public interest makes sense

Successful man extinguished and public interest makes sense ….
There was a king He is a very just, kind and polite. His three sons. When the king was old, he decided to hand over the throne to a son. She wanted to take three exams. He called his three sons and said, ‘I am giving you three things a little bit. I hope that all the work you try your best, “he said.
The princes said unto the king, with folded hands, “Daddy, you give the orders. From our side, we will work hard to the best way. ” Pleased, three of them gold coins made by the king and that some of these currencies to buy anything that will bring the whole room, so that you will be filled and the work object.
Hearing this, the three currencies with gold prince walked in different directions. Prince for a long time been a major

puzzle. He thought that it would be suitable for cotton. He has a lot of those gold coins to buy cotton that filled the room and thought the room was filled cotton quilt will fill the job.
Prince medium lumps of grass filled the room. She felt that the work will come to eat grass, cows and horses.
The Little Prince bought three lamps. He placed in the room by lighting the first candle. It went around the whole room lights. The lamp, which he placed second at the intersection where the lights went dark and the third part which it put on a lamp she lit up the dark doorway. The remaining gold coins he brought food to the poor. The three sons of the king inspected objects. At the end of the little prince was impressed by seeing and understanding decisions handed him the throne.
So his understanding and a person’s abilities are measured by actions that I have more and more interest.

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