Someone asked the question after the satsang to Baba ji

Someone asked the question after the satsang on the 1971 Foreign Sonsang tour of Huzur Maharaj Charan Singh ji, “Maharaj ji, for centuries we have been searching for God in the same old way! Where has the science progressed, From the person has come to the moon, but what is the reason that the method of getting the owner is going on? Can there be no change in it or there can be no concession that these Knowledge without taking meat and wine ahead owner?
Hearing this question, Huzur smiled and said, “Brother, sir, everything has changed. Of course, man’s intellect, power

And science has made immense progress. But do not forget that despite all these changes, birth and death are a sure truth. The law of karma in this changing world is unreal, it can not change. God, Vahiguru, God is the same, He was the same and will remain the same. He is beyond all these changes, so the path of his attainment can not change too. No bribe can be run at the rate of atma; Those who walk on the path of their attainment do not get any relaxation or concession in their life, because the rules of the Karams are the same for all. “

Updated: July 13, 2017 — 9:01 pm
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