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Solan Question – Answer with Baba Ji

Solan Question – Answer
Girl – Baba ji has been 6 months old, I am very sick and I am also able to study. My Parents have to take care of me all day. Many times I think I am also spoiling their service and they have to stay on top all day.
Baba ji – no son do not think that at all, suffering hurts in life then we should never panic. And parents never want bad things for their kids Trust someone, neither trust the son, surely they will be fine.
Girl: – Baba ji how can we please our parents?
Baba ji: – Standing on your feet. Look son, we can never pay the debt of my parents, but we can certainly give them a true happiness by standing on our feet.
Person: – Radha Swami Satya Patrasah. Najd has been taken from the elder Maharaj Ji but when you sit on the hymn, both of you appear in the form of Baba ji
Baba ji: – Look, both sons are coming out because now our mind is not stable at one place. One form that comes with our excessive attachment comes, and the second from which we have taken the

name. But we have to see the philosophy of only those forms which have been nominated.
Girl: – I do not care about you?
Baba ji: – No son. The master is like a lead when you are in misery, it seems that he is nervous and the pleasure comes when he feels happy about us.
Boy: – Baba, I want to be your guard.
Baba ji: – Son then join the police force first.
Girl: – Baba ji has been in 3-4 years now why do not you come to Shimla?
Baba ji: – Look son there is a shortage of space and traffic jam also happens to which the complainant is in trouble, hence Solan is a distant ni son. You can come here in an hour and there is no trouble to all the complainants here. Does not happen That is why we should do such a thing that no one has any grief.
Girl: – Baba, I get angry very quickly and many times I also speak in front of my mom.
Baba ji: – It is wrong, this son should never speak to anyone. He thinks for our good

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