Shanti ka marg kese parapat kare

Path of peace ….
Was a businessman. He made a lot of money in business. Build big houses, keep servants and servants, but it is unfortunate that he went back to his day. There was a loss in business and he became an idiot for a single penny. When his problem got out of his bear, he went to a monk and cried, “Maharaj, tell me some way, that should give me peace.”
Sadhu asked – “did everything go away?”
The trader said – “Yes.”
The sage said, “If it were yours then he should have stayed with you! How did he go?”
The businessman was silent. ”
How much money did you bring with you at the time of birth? “” Swamiji, at the time of birth, all empty hands come. ”

Sage said – “Okay, now tell me how much do you want to take with me when you die?”
“Who goes with me while I die, which I will take.” Sage said – “When you came empty-handed and went empty-handed, then what do you worry about?”
The trader said, “Sir, how will my and my family pass through, until death?”
The sadhus laughed – “The money that will be trusted, this will be the case. There are your hands and feet, bring them in the work.” Purushartha is the biggest wealth. Trust God, this is the only way to peace.
The businessman’s eyes were opened. Her mind became calm. Knowing how many years after that for the first time at night he got restless and spent the rest of his years in great joy.
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

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