Satsangi sewadaar ask question to baba ji in satsang

question: – Maharaj ji! If we feel that we have offended Satguru, then is there any way to correct that mistake?
Maharaj ji: – At first, let me assure you that we never make him angry.
  How can we make him angry? We can only annoy a person when we do something that he has never expected from us. When he knows how helpless we are,
 How many are the subjects of the mind, stumble upon every step,
 So about us all this is not new to him. He knows us already.
  That is why Hazrat Isa said – If you do not obey my command,
Do not walk on my teachings,
So I will not blame you in front of God.

Because we are already being punished.
Divorce from God,
And as a part of this composition, what can be the greater punishment for us?
He tells us that he will not blame us in front of God.
Therefore, there is no question of annoying Satguru.
But by living according to the principles of Santam, we can surely make him happy by giving full time to Bhajan Simran, doing so will surely make him happy.
But she does not have any resentment with anything
“Radhaswamy ji”
Do simran ji

Updated: April 10, 2018 — 8:11 pm
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