Satsangi par Baba ji naamdan ki Bakshish ki Story

Once upon a time, Babaji’s grace was rewarded on a saga.
All his relatives friend was giving him a lot of congratulations.
And he was also doing “Radha Swami” by adding the most hands.
But one of them was a person who was looking all this quietly.
That’s why the named saint said to the person,
“Will not you congratulate me?”
The person who answered that I will not forget about life and I will always request that you also remember, too.

he said
“When your position is fixed and I will congratulate you in a tone, and then I will not even need to congratulate you on this mum,” he said.
There is no need to bow down or bow down to big greetings or to greet someone with a greeting or greetings.
Needs are so emotional.
If there is a feeling then the eyes can be “Radha Swami”.

Updated: June 14, 2018 — 8:04 pm
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