Satsangi ne bahut Real Story Sunai …

A large building was under way from a house for a long time.
Everyday the small children of the laborers used to play the rail-rail game by catching each other’s shirt.
Every day a baby engine was built and the other children were made compartment …
Children with engines and bins can change every day,
Only a small child wearing a trouser used to maintain a daily guard while walking in the hand.
* One day I saw that * …
A person watching daily playing those children, called the boy, who was guarded by the boy, and asked him ….
“Child, you become a guard everyday. Do you ever have the engine, never wanted to become a box?”
That child said on this …
“Babuji, I do not have any shirts to wear, so how will the children behind me catch me … and who will stand behind me?
That’s why I take part in the game after being a guard.
“While speaking, I saw water in her eyes.
Today that child has taught me a big lesson of life …
* Your life is never full. There will be some deficiency in it …

That child could sit down crying and weeping with his parents. But while not doing so, he finds solutions to the circumstances.
How much do we cry?
Never for the sake of color, sometimes for small things, sometimes the neighbor’s big car, sometimes the necklace of neighboring necklaces, sometimes its lower marks, sometimes English, sometimes personality, never a job, and then kill us. It has to come out …
* This is life … it has to live like this. *
* The bird does not appear in depression after seeing the high flying of the eagle; *
* She is cool in her personality, *
* But human beings are often concerned about seeing a high-flying flight. *
* Avoid comparison and be happy *.
* No jealousy, no competition with anyone .. !!! *
* My own floors, my own race .. !!! *
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

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