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Satsang Manila Question Answer with baba ji 2018

Babaji’s Visit_Manila
Master was late for about 20 mins… He said when he arrived: “Sorry for the delay. I got caught in what you call Manila Traffic.” ?
Q: How are you Babaji? Congratulations on the wedding of your son.
Master: Which son? You are all my children. Which child are you referring to? (laughter)
Q: Can we eliminate ego?
Master: We can’t “eliminate” or “delete” ego. We go BEYOND it. When we go past the realm of Maya, then there is no ego.
Q: How can we be good disciples?
Master: Just be good human beings.
Q: There’s so much negativity around, how can we fight it?
Master: Look at it positively. No matter how negative your surroundings are, if you have that positive attitude, then you’ll be okay.
Q: Why do good people suffer?
Master: No one suffers, sister. It’s all our own doings. What you sow, so shall you reap.
Q: If someone hurts you, what should you do?
Master: Don’t react. If you react you will start another chain reaction.
Q: Babaji, I’m having a hard time concentrating during meditation.
Master: Just sit. It’s the effort that’s important. Leave the rest to Him. We are all blind being guided by the one who can see. So just sit and reach out your hand. Let Him guide you.
Q: How did you achieve enlightenment?
Master: I got drafted. They told me to sit here and then I got enlightened. (laughter)
Q: So can I be enlightened too one day?
Master: If I can be enlightened, so can you.
Q: How can you distinguish the Shabd from Tinnitus?

Master: Just don’t analyse it. During Bhajan, when you hear the sound, just listen to it and let go. Don’t analyse if it’s the divine melody or tinnitus. Your Master will take care of you.
Q: Which is more important, Meditation or Satsang, because some say they’d rather sit in meditation than attend Satsang?
Master: It’s like lunch and dinner. You need both. Satsang is there to create the atmosphere for meditation. It’s need-based.
Q: What is humility?
Master: it’s when someone bumps you and you say sorry for being in their way. It’s when you feel that you are nothing.
Q: How can i sit and focus when my mind is so restless?
Master: Just sit for 2 ½ hours. Minimum. If you can sit for hours watching a movie, or in a car, or a plane, then why can you not sit for meditation? Mind will always wander but practice makes perfect. It’s like going to school. You need to study. You need to practice. In order to pass.
There should be no “ifs” — i will meditate “if my kids are asleep” “if i have more time” “if this and if that” — you are always given the opportunity to meditate, so sit, no matter what situation you’re in. We should make the effort. Then He will do the rest.
Q: Why are there ups and downs in life? Why do we feel depression?
Master: Depression is when the mind is overworked. It has gone into overdrive. There are no ups and downs in life, it’s how you look at it that makes it good or bad. If you have that positive attitude then everything is a blessing. There’s always good in everything that happens.

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