Satsang main promise ke upar bataya

Promise and neglect –
Leave the promise of most done and come to the promise made by the straightforward guru that he is playing the promise made to the guru or not.
Remember, with so many beats, we had given a gift to Namdhari of the master of Satyaguru at the time of nomination. The owner did not delay even from anywhere in the mercy. After explaining with great hope, after sending books, he left the anchor and returned, gave birth to rebirth. When he got out, he was overwhelmed by getting the honor of the accompaniment … Do not you remember?
Let’s imagine how many times after grabbing the ear, apologizing to the owner and promised that the master would sing.
Do not remember when, when?
When the trouble arose when when
Understanding is all in us.
Excuses are very … why?

Hazur has many times in satsang that if the world is the most destructive creature in this world, then that person is human.
Even so, we have said with great enthusiasm that we love Maharaj Ji very much, but if we do not believe that love is such a shame, then how is love?
Think … how damn it is to use the word Satguru, how compulsive it must have been.
Does the gurus make us sad?
After sleeping at night, after having a change of heart, a big insult can not be done by the master. Somewhere the master changed the trick or we will not live anywhere.
But we guarantee that the master will never do this.
We are uncomfortable because we know that the owner is Bakhshahar.
Let’s make the same bus from the owner just one day, that Datia should worship us, sing praises and recite.
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

Updated: April 17, 2018 — 1:34 pm
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