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Satsang main bahut he achi bate batai

SATGURU Ji says do not shorten your heart, lest
You have a moment too alone or you are being ignored
Or you’re not looking for a look
You are getting help from the divine and the Satguru
Sometimes you need a few loads of karma
So much of it happens because of our body and ever
The mental grieves has to undergo more discomfort
At the circumstances you are going through
It is the way you move towards Satguruji and
Will stand by their front move… Making the Soul Gold
Has to undergo a furnace of fire… Anytime Divine
To not misunderstand divine… Doesn’t blame anyone

Or the venturing of someone does not hurt. He
The Divine Bhanti knows how much slack the creature is
And who is going to have troubles if someone is suffering from the soul
So he idea the suffering of that Satguru, please
Face guts and trust in Satguruji, time changes
Keeps… Every man is living with the same hope you
Parasthitiyo… Satguruji well know
… The rest of the Satguruji you desire to do your karma
And wait for the Satguruji Mahar to Payar…
*… … Tears in eyes repeatedly *
* I don’t love hiding… *
* The world is asks… What is the relationship “Guruji” from *
I do not have to tell me. *
Guru beloved Gunning compatible Ji loves all Satasangi siblings and friends by adding hands to Radha Savami Ji…

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