Sath ke Village ka Ek Satsang beas ata tha

Villages with a satsang was sevadar | bias whenever he so then I ask one thing of Baba ji when I will die or I will strike when | So every time the matter avoids Hazur G | One day he was sitting with a stubborn Babaji to tell you today will read | Baba Ji said, Thou shalt not commit the same trick today I’ll tell you | quiet for a while after the Babaji said to him you will die tomorrow. Having heard it, his feet went out from under the ground go | She fell silent at that time he was afraid of dying |
Simran has plenty satsang any name is not afraid of death, in the name | Nor death | He had plenty of service but did not worship Simran | I passed her mind was full of life and song, and in Simran was never seen anything |

He thinks it’s half a day and a night satsang has yet |
She came home and Simran satsang was running continuously was taking advantage of a moment he | she came straight home and I come straight to your room | He’s been speaking to his family and tomorrow I will not be disturbed by breaking the door from outside to take me out | She chants all night, and his tenth Satsngi opened the door | He not only sees what Subhe hit was alive. I think I would not mind if he hit the Baba Ji did you lie to me | He went straight to his tent bias Babaji Babaji Babaji spoke to told me his watch, I’m alive, I’ll be dead by tomorrow | Baba Ji said that if you were dead, you were so good as dead | she wept satsang and Babaji Babaji’s feet and say I’m sorry I’ve read

Updated: January 30, 2017 — 9:58 pm
Shiv Shankar Lal says:

Radha Swami Ji.

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