Sakhi Himachal pardesh ki Jab baba ji bimar the

This is from Himachal and this is the case when Babaji was very sick and he was undergoing treatment. A 16_17 year old girl was traveling in a bus to visit her home after her school and tuition time. Going a little further some boys came in it too. Who had drunk And that girl was afraid that now it will definitely tight me. The girl was sitting in the side of the seat, which happens with a mirror. Where can also be seen outside. And that boy did not sit with her. But sitting behind the seat and side of the seat on the other side, sat down. And she became a girl and nervous Just went quite a bit, then an elderly woman came from a bus stop.
The girl asked that woman to sit with her but the woman did not sit with her and went and sat down where the seat was empty. In such a situation, the girl got scared again and she got water in her eyes and there was no way she started remembering Babaji in her mind and thinking that Baba ji is already in very trouble. But the boys who were in that bus did not say anything to the girl nor had the courage to make any trouble.
When he stopped, he got off the bus. The woman who gave the voice to the driver who got the stope in front of him, the girl asked the lady in such a way that when I told you to sit with me, why did not

you sit with me, that your duty was to help you When I was feeling scared of those boys, that lady said that where the child sat, the seat with you was not free. There was a very beautiful and young sage sitting. By saying so, that woman came down from the bus and the woman did not know who she was. He was our beloved Baba Ji. Then the girl’s water came to her eyes and she started crying. All this thing he told his mother and father to go home and the three people were crying very loud …
Moral It is that when the woman came in the bus, Babaji had sat with that girl. At that time, those boys did not even have the courage to do mischief. And the woman would sit with him but Sardar was sitting there in the past. Later, the cry was due to the fact that Baba ji was visible to everyone in the bus but not me ..
So the Moral is that we love Babaji very much, but they do not obey their order. Therefore, staying in spades is the duty of every satsangi.
Baba ji is taking care of us and our children and family all the time in the dictate form. But we lose our faith when we have a problem. If we remember Babaji in the same way every time, the problem will come in life, but Babaji will solve them. We just have to complete our hymn Simran.
There is one thing in everyone’s mind that we love Baba ji so much but Babaji still does not look. Bhajan Simran is essential for a soldier
Guru beloved sadhi ji,

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