Sakhi ek old lady ki

A Sufi mystic lady became a rabiya she did not see anything bad in anybody. That is the symptom of the saint. She also saw the thorn, the song came out of her praise, her friend, her disciples and other mystics were very upset, One day a fakir Hassan said that Rabiya, we bring all the news to you. You see something good, do you see anything in the devil Looks good
The face of Rabia was filled with such happiness as the name of the divine, not the devil, and Rabia said, “Thanks to the devil. Because he did not incite my lust, nor would I have borne like Samyama, he would not challenge me, nor did I travel to God, thanks to the devil, and you must also believe that some qualities are in the devil, even in the saints Not ‘
Hassan said, ‘What qualities have not been heard and never written in any scripture’

Then Rabia said, ‘Look! Satan is defeating God, what will be a great impossibility, but it is still not frustrating. You are engaged in attaining God, there can be no simple thing, yet you lose weight and become desperate, then be patient The devil will have to believe If you want to learn, you should learn from the devil … It is impossible to defeat God from eternity, which is not possible and you are engaged in attaining God, which is possible at this moment. Because the nature of God is the problem of getting it, it is hidden within you, do not take even one step, just open the eyes and you lose in it too, you get tired and the devil is trying to defeat the nature, whatever Because if you lose your temper, then who will win? Unlike the eternal law, nothing can be done in the impossible, but its patience, its passion, its labor, is like learning, Rabia said, ‘I have reached God only by learning from the devil and learning the day I found God, I gave the first thanks to the devil, without the help of that it could not have traveled.

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