Beas Sakhi by Master Puran Singh ji

A Sakhi heard by Master Puran Singh
The talk was of those days when Vyas Hospital was going on. Masterji used to serve those days. Sand was brought from the bank for construction work.
One day when the river took the sand along the trolley, a man from the village stood there, he did not like the owners of Radha. When the sand starts taking it, it is my share of this place, do not take sand from here.When some go away If you started taking sand, then it is my relative relative not to take it from here. Similarly, when he came back to tell Maharaj Ji that he was not told to take sand from anyone, he said that he is not talking about you. Women took charge of the sand from the other side
A few years passed, Vyas was completed by becoming a hospital and all the work was done efficiently.
Suddenly, Masterji and other servicemen saw a man lying unconscious in the condition of the disease on the bench. He was taken inside the doctor and admitted to the doctor. After two days of treatment, when he got well then he would cry bitterly felt

When he was asked, tell me when this hospital was going on, so I did not bring the sand and when today in my worst time everyone left with it, this is my work.
Later, the man came to the tent and started serving
Masterji explained that if anything bad happens to us, then we should not leave our goodness.
Very beautiful words that were written on the temple door:
“If you want to serve, do not watch the clock!
If anchor is to be sprayed, do not taste!
If you want to recite satsang, do not look at the place!
Do not look for selfishness!
If you have to surrender, do not look at the cost!
Do not look, if you want to see Rahmatya !!

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