Sakhi Sewadaar ki naamdaan lena chahta tha

Once a sage
Ji’s beloved Sevadar who
Maharaj Ji is an affiliate of
They own Rahmat and Naam
Tips. by Baba Ji
By looking at the big Love said
Naam not be found in this birth.
May. So Sevadar kinda Love
began to stubbornly and jidd it
lasted for about 5 days. Finally
Maharaj Ji tips him by name
Given and spoken by you guys no one
I don’t come to meet for days

Yes Baba Ji of the evening saw
The whole body of water in very sharp fever
Was. Then a Sevadar doctor
By Baba Ji on Lakers love
Children not cured by fever medicines
Will। Because exclaim today Naam
Have not been named until the next 12 births
. Rather die Forrestal in flames
Was। Her karma on now 12 days that this
The Julas will be cut into the fire. Today
I also have my children. And I grieve it
I am willing to take that.
~ * ~ Baba G’s beloved gunning compatible G *,
Radha Swami Ji…

Updated: March 6, 2018 — 8:08 pm
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