Real Story on Sabar ka fal

The fruit of patience….
A poor young man, troubled by his poverty, went to the river to end his life, a sages stopped him from doing so. Sages, having heard the trouble of the young man, said, “I have a lore who will become a magic pitcher who asks this pitcher, will complete the magical pitcher, on the day that this pitcher has gone, at the same time, whatever the pitcher has done , all that will disappear. If you serve me for 2 years, then this pitcher, I can give you, and, if you serve me for 5 years, I’ll teach you how to make these pitchers.
Speak what you want?
I would like to serve you for 2 years, I was just a’ll, I would not give it a lot, I would burst to handle it, he said.
After 2 years of service, the young man got his magic pitcher, and reached his house. He started his every

wish from a pitcher, BP, Palace built, servant Chakar, and began to show his gracefulness, giving everyone a call-calling feast and living a life of luxury, he started Pini wine and nashen a day , put dance on the pitcher Sir and took offense and fell off the pitcher. The pitcher phuutate only missing everything,
Now the young man thought I would not be hasty and learned to make a pitcher, so today, I have never been so.
“God always keeps us on 2 ways, an easy-to-be-fast and second-time little, deep-paced, it’s up to us to choose which way we go”
“No one would do good in the early work, but rather the profound knowledge in his subject makes you experienced”
Guru beloved Gunning compatible Ji loves all Satasangi siblings and friends by adding hands to Radha Savami Ji…

Updated: March 5, 2018 — 4:28 pm
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