Real Emotional Story Of Pandit

One day the pundit was thirsty, incidentally, there was no water in the house. That’s why his wife brought water from the neighborhood. Pandit asked drinking water.
Pandit – Where have you brought it? There is very cold water.
Wife – from the house of the potter in the neighborhood
(The Pandit threw the lotat after listening to it and climbed on it, he began to scream loudly)
Pandit – You have corrupted my religion. Potters gave water to the potter (Shudra).
(The wife began to tremble with trembling fear)
He apologized to Pandit.
Wife – will not be such a mistake now.
In the evening when Pandit sat down to eat, there was nothing to eat at home.
Pandit – did not make bread. Bhaji did not make it. Why ????
Wife – made it so. But the grain-producing Kunabi (Shudra) and the rigidly made, came from the house of the blacksmith (Shudra) strictly. Throw all
Pandit – You are crazy ?? Is there any food in the grain and embroidery?
By saying this, the wise said – bring that water.
Wife – water is not so
Pandit – Where did the pitchers go?
Wife – that’s what I threw. Because the potter was made by hand.
Pundit said – bring milk. I’ll drink the same

Wife – threw milk too. Because the servant who was dancing to cow was from the lower (Shudra) caste.
Pundit-bound you do not even know that you do not feel touching in milk.
Wife – this is a touch which is water, but it does not look like milk.
(Pandit came to mind that he would break away from the wall)
He said, ‘You have made me quadruple. Now put a cot in the courtyard. I am sleeping now.’
Wife-cot !!!! He has thrown me out and threw it. Because he was made by a Shudra caste.
Shout the pundit – bring the fruits of the necklace. I will give God to come, so that your wisdom comes from there.
Wife – I throw the necklace. He was made by a man of Mali (Shudra) race.
Pundit shit- set fire to everyone, whether there is anything left in the house or not.
Wife – yes this house is left, it is yet to break. Because this too has been made by backward caste workers.
The Pandit had no answers.
Her suspicion came to haunt.
The rest will also come.
Just forward this story forward.
It may be that the caste discrimination is eliminated from the country.
Look at one step by step … !!
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

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