Do read today’s thoughts ( Aaj ka Vichaar)

do read today’s thoughts…..*_
_* Abhimanyu’s wife was broom in the uttara palace, then draupadi turned his head on his head and said, ” daughter in the future, sometimes suffering from pain, pain, or terrible disaster, sometimes in your own garden. – don’t go in the shelter of relatives directly go to God’s refuge. “*_
_* Uttara was surprised to see mother draupadi :- Why are you saying that mother?” draupadi said :- because this thing has passed over me too. When my five husband was playing gambling with Kauravas, I also lost at stake after losing everything. Then the kaurav son insulted me in a full meeting. *_
_* I called my husbands for help, but she sat down all her head. Pitamah Bhishma, drona, dhritarashtra kept calling everyone for help, but no one looked at me, all the eyes shed tears. *_
_* Then I called to GOD ŚRĪDVĀRIKĀDHĪŚA :- O Lord, I have no one except you. God came immediately and protect me. That’s why you call them even when the crisis comes in life!*_
_* When there was such a disaster on draupadi, Shri Krishna was very disturbing in dwarka. Because there was crisis on their dearest devotee. *_

_* the rukmini asks the reason for being sad, he tells my greatest devotee being naked in the full assembly. Rūkamaṇi speaks, ” you go and help him. ” Shri Krishna said,” as long as draupadi doesn’t call me, how can I go. Once she calls me, I’ll go to her and protect her. *_
_* You will remember when the pandavas have made the rājasūrya yagna to slaughter the children, ” I took my finger on my finger so that my finger was cut off _* *_
_* that time ” all my 16 thousand 108 wives were there. When someone called a doctor, he went to take a medicine “but at that time” my devotee splitting the pallu of his sari and tied him to my finger. Today is his loan to pay me, but I will not be going to call me until they call me. *_
As soon as draupadi was called Lord Krishna, the Lord ran away immediately. *_
in our life, there is a crisis of God-remembering, he did the “Sat-Karma” for our cooperation and the crisis goes away immediately!!*_
Radha Swami ji….

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