Radha Soami Ji Beautiful Saakhi Beas Satsangi ki …

Radha Soami Ji Beautiful Saakhi
Once a very old man was engaged in the Nandan line in the camp.
The service taker tried to understand that Baba ji has now become your age.
Now you can not get the nomination. But he did not believe that either give me a slip of nomenclature, otherwise I have to give up life here.
Now the problem for the servicemen has arisen …. !!
 When he took the time to do the teacher, he got the answer that if you have to give a slip, then Baba will remove himself and he got a slip.
On the day of the nomination, he was sitting in the forefront of the old line.
Baba ji told him that after you have passed all your life, you have come now to get the nomination.
He said, Baba ji should not give me a nomination, then I should be free. Baba ji said for him, he will have to chant the hymn with the nomination … !!
He said that I can not sit now by surprise, my body does not allow it now … !!

Baba ji asked him for a chair at that time and now it is okay now, now it will be done …. !!
He said yes, now it is okay, so I will do it. Then Baba gave the nomination to all the attendees.
After returning to his house, he got involved in the bhajan simran.
Day one night, and within 10 days of Baba ji’s mercy Mehar, the curtain opened inside him.
Now he was not of this world, he started speaking, talking inside.
I have to go tomorrow morning, my time is complete, my Satgur is coming to take me … !!
 And he was jumping happily, he was crazy. At night he took a bath and dressed in washed clothes and changed the clothes by talking to the people.
In the morning I have gone away, do not bathe me now, do me a ritual like this. The villagers thought that since it came with a nomination. It’s like crazy things.
I do not know what has happened, he is sitting on the chair all night and does not sleep.
Even when he did not come out of the room till the end of the day, the house opened the door and his dead body was lying on the chair. And he was gone.
For those who live with their Satgur for eternity, the merciful Mehr of the owner is definitely

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