Question and answer with baba ji (April Latest)

Question: – Baba ji does not get time to do Simran ?
Babaji – It’s a matter of great surprise. Hey
If your child is away, then he
What time does it take to remember
He always remembers
His memory makes so much disturbing
Many times his attention from
Try to delete. And
We remember the Lord in the deadline
Are thinking of tying.
To commemorate
There is no need for time.

Go Wake up, sit up and recite every time
Do it To add a habit of simmering
Do it so that your house is ten
Think the stairs are ten times, red light
Standing on, be troubled, the phone
The bell is ringing, the bread is baking.
Waiting for someone i.e. life
 To commemorate every small event
 Combine with See habit
 Will not have time for recession
 Getting back will be settled in the swamps.

Updated: April 24, 2018 — 9:03 pm
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