The purpose of taking Nāmadān

The purpose of taking nāmadāna
Name is to take us to the spirit of the soul, not for the mortal associate of this world. The Basic purpose of taking the name of the name of the is to break the spirit of the supreme joy in the ocean of bliss in the ocean. It is not true that the special desire will be fulfilled or will be feat. In the words of Sardar Bahadur Maharaj, he is similar to selling chandan’s precious trees. Those who want to make the name of the of saint sataguru’ō and their business, and kind of, social and political svārthō. They don’t understand the origin of the and the basic purpose of taking the name. Sahib says name only to break the bandhanō of and should be taken to the realisation of God. A small purpose to have a small purpose is to be collected by.
The name of the name of the accumulated makes the soul clear, and the name of the name can introduce it to God. So we must try to make the name of the body with the name of the name of the name of the name of the name of the name, they are asked to be asked, they are asked to be asked when a satsang has been listening to them. How much time has been done, many curious, thinking that the name will come quickly, in the answer of asked questions. The Mahatma put our curtains in

purdah, don’t want to reveal them, but it doesn’t mean that we can start the alphabet of charity. We forget how to build the building of the truth on the foundation of falsehood? The truth must be an integral part of our life. So we must have the fragrance of the truth from all of us. If we go to the doctor for treatment, then your whole condition is correct, because our own is healthy. We don’t think if we will lie in the name of the name you will not betray others, your somewhat. If from the beginning, how will you be able to make progress in the future? One and one of the saint, he has to be able to give him the name of the, and to make a lie to the other. The name of the name to grab the kids is not a game. That sound is very serene and strong. It is not just a, the one who can be able to do the right and the determination to be able to take the name of his self-determination. Is. The people who do not even want to make it clear, do not make the right part of the life to make it an integral part of life and not to make the name of the meat. Damage. His own neck and his own knife. Guru Sahiban has said this way to the sword of the sword and the hair. This way is the way of great restraint, strong discipline, phenomenal dedication and loyalty, and the person holding these qualities must be.

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