One year ago baba ji ne Satsang main ek Sakhi Sunai

Baba ji told one or a half and a half years ago that Baba ji had heard a story of Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji in the satsang of Vyas, “Once upon a time Sardar Bahadur called a servant and said that this picture should be placed in front of that wall. Now, because where the picture to be taken was somewhat higher then the servant looked at a table or stool, then Hujur said, put a picture of the climb on my bed, the servant said that the hail is in this bed. So you sleep, how can I keep the feet on it, then Hujur said that if you let go of that seat, then again that servant repeated the same answer that you sit in

front of that chair. How can I keep a foot on it, then the servant brought a stool from outside and climbed to it and put the picture on it and said, “Hujur and any order”, Hujur said that son you do not have a foot on my bed and chair. Kept but m Put it must toe Ri tongue ”
In fact, Baba ji wanted to explain to us the same thing through this Sakhi that the Saints have a single command that they recite the praises, but we do not believe in His command, but according to our mind, is
We should get the happiness of Baba ji sitting on the daily hymn daily according to Baba ji’s orders.
Baba ji teaches us to pray in almost every satsang, so let us all repeat the words of Baba ji and say, “Dada Bhulangarah Yes, take away all the money”.

Updated: August 11, 2017 — 8:13 pm
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