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Satsang’s program was over.
Only the nomad’s bucket was stuck together.
The canteen also had the same order to open.
Then a newly married couple came and pointed to putting finger on frutti. Then on a biscuit. Asked for price. I told the price from the point of view. He failed to call his husband clapping, but failed. See me and see.He came to mind with his sweet smile and unsuccessful effort. Then I gave voice to someone and invited her husband here.I knew that she could not even speak and hear.
Both of them had a sweet sock walk,
The girl wanted to drink frutti.But the boy was refusing according to the weather in the night.Both were looking very cute.On that time, I felt this very cute fight. At the same time I began to understand the language of their gesture then the girl Asked (writing on

paper pad) today’s satsang had heard how good the owner was explaining.I did not write, we only get 20 / 30minutes, listen to …
It was just writing that the brain was stunned. I asked if you both can not speak and hear, then ………. ???????
They both saw smiles on each other. Then wrote on paper ….
lip reading
O my Satgur ….. all the rugs were standing on the whole day, the true Patshah like me, not the Shukra, who sleep in all the parts of the rightly blessed satsang.
And both of them … about 1 / 45minutes satsangs without distraction, without blinking, keep watching only your lips. Somebody like laughing like a lion
Those who did not utter a word like this were taught such a big and dearly, they started slowly with their eyes while trying to smile at me.

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