Naamdaan lene ke baad bhakton ke vaham..

Often devotees understand that
After taking the name of the guru
After taking guru’s initiation
Guru ji do our sin
Guru ji Our sins kayat
Our bad karma disappears
We become holy
A devotee asked this to the master
The master said laughing
No guroo
Karam can not do naught
This is the misunderstanding of devotees
The guru laughs that
If the master is the sin of all
Take the karma of all
What will be the condition of that guru
You understand yourself

Is called guru
Own Guru himself to God
They have to suffer due to their karma.
Yes but one thing is true
The guru reduces his suffering
Can reduce their sin
Tolerate suffering
Gives power
But if
If the devotee names the name
Worship of guru
Master that devotee with divine
Take full guarantee of mixing
This is the promise of every true guru
This is the claim of every Puran Guru
Just lacking
To simulate
Trust your satguru
Radhaswamy ji ..

Updated: August 16, 2017 — 10:20 am
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