Must Read 25 Vachan

Guruvcnon beads: – Must Read 25 Vachan
1. The song is the best time in the morning, 3 to 6 |
2. You have the right not to 24 hours to 3 hours, it is time to master |
3. earned master’s degree plus 10 or older. It must give charity |
4. In order to bring up the master guru devotion | The first order of the master of song, which you received when Namdan |
5. the work of 24 hours, from morning till night’s sleep will do so with the dedication of all master works, will not be applicable | Hell will be like when you take up your Pandavas, who is going to treat her master Moj |
6. 24 minutes into the mind of the mind and conscience is cleared to Sumirn. And master will always remember. That is Sumirn |
7. Hymn to the members, who do not worship is called Psychic | Mira also said the logo was the love addict |
8. If said thoughtfully eat eat eat because the food will be the same mind |
Then the carnivores eat here will not mind in Psalm |
“As Howe mind what food to eat, so water Like Peavey says Howe.”
9. In order to master, should be a day of prayer |
10. Collective worship is beneficial Satsang attention. Weak intelligent student sit in a classroom student learns something, and gets passed in class |
11. Guru Prasad “the Brkkt” Everyday should |
12. The food 2 times a day 2 times a day should do it and hymns, praises the day nor the right to not eat that day Pavo |

13. Part of the divine in every being at the mercy of all, keep all loving devotion, be it even if your enemy. I will think of it, every soul of divine love the hymns will be |
14. Love is the path of charity, the brain will begin to put things in the world will still remain trapped in |
15. Psalm 24 hours if not time to find out if it’s good handful of water in the sink Die |
16. Today is the sensible and praises the work of the household moved out of here, otherwise not receive anything except cry later then |
17. Always remember your death. So never mind the rough will not be remembered in death hymn. Death will not Btake time |
Psalm 18. So with nothing else will. Therefore take the good, and the work of the world is Junte |
19. If we gave you a glimpse of Nrkon You’ll lose composure. Since then he’s all right Mahatmao. He would not harm anyone | The thing is just to believe |
20. Eat food just to survive. Not to eat organisms. Let the body to protect food |
21. Charitable drying the body makes the mind and the senses have to subdue to the same charity which is worth |
22. Praise your luck that you got Namdan master, will be seen when the world cries and understand its value |
23. Do not criticize someone else will be crushed under the weight of his deeds. Why pursues a mountain of dung are taking over your head |
Psalm 24. This is not to become a master of words, not to be missed, such as the master words like garland Be Ferte Kangla frequently consults his bag |
At age 25. The welfare of animals is of three things. With all of the Satguru, the second and third corresponding monk “name” Sumirn, meditation and bhajans, the rest is talk of fights at the moment except for these three things and deeds of the creature is Akaj
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