Must Read 20 Vachan

Must Read 20 Vachan
1. The best time of the hymn is from 3 to 6 in the morning.
2. You do not have the right to 3 hours from 24 hours, this time is of the master.
3. The 10th degree of earned money is of Guru. It should be put in the Spirit.
4. Guru’s devotion is to follow the command of the guru. The first order of the guru is of the bhajan that was received at the time of nomination.
5. Whatever work of 24 hours, rising in the morning and sleeping at night, if you dedicate it to the whole master, then karma will not be applicable. If you take it on yourself then you will have to go to hell like the Pandavas, what is happening is considered as the master of the master.
6. Sitting in the mind for 24 hours keeps the mind and heart clean. And the guru’s memory will always be there. This is the sum of time.
7. Those who worship the hymns, who do not sing the hymns. Even the people of Meera were called Prem Diwani.
8. Eat some food and eat it as you would think, because the food which you eat will become like that.
Eating non-vegetarian food here will not be considered in the psyche.
“Just like food you eat, like the water that drinks like water.”
9. Order of the master, a prayer should be done everyday.
10. Collective Satsanga meditation hymns get benefit. In an ordeal, the student with a hingeer student learns something and passes in class.

11. Prasad of the master ie “Barkat” should be taken daily.
12. If we do the food twice a day, then the bhajan should be done twice a day, on which day the worship can not be eaten on the day.
13. In every organism there is a part of the divine, therefore have mercy on all, keep affection for everyone, even if it is your enemy. It will think that if I love God with every soul, then even the bhajan will start becoming.
14. The path of Paramartha is love, if you start thinking, then you will be trapped in the world’s affairs.
15. If you can not take time to recite in 24 hours, then it is better to die in the hot water.
16. In today’s time, it is the same sensible that goes out of the house by doing homage in the work of householder, or else, after crying later, nothing can be obtained.
17. Always remember your death. If death remembers, then the mind will never be in the hymn. Death time will not be revealed.
18. There will be a hymn and nothing will happen. That is why it is good to take taxes, and the work of the world is false.
19. If a glimpse of the hell is shown, then the mental balance will be lost. That is why Mahatma said that all is correct. They do not want anyone’s loss. The thing is just faith.
20. Eat food only to live Do not eat food Do the food to protect the body.

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