Mother’s Day par bahut he Beautiful lines

13 May Mother’s Day (MOTHER’S DAY) *
Mother and God *
How I do my little face, I praise you, Mother, fade in your parity God *
Ram was born in the house of Mata Kaushalaya, in the Thumak-Thumak Patan, all the heart was connected, son was in love, the soul of the skill, the mother’s life, the mother fade in your parity God *
Mother goddess was given Yusuda’s lap suhai, lekkuti one-forest goat, Gokharan kiyo kanai, all the bridges were filled with the word of Goddess, Mother goddess in your parity God *
You are only in your Samata. You are neither meticulous, nor you have ever heard from Sune Suni,

Ruthi Smruditha Amit Samoai, always taught with love, you are true knowledge, mother fade in your parity God *
In an ever-distraught service, hungry hunger, understanding son is considered a patient moratorium, Pyaasya Preammrut Nita Pilipilakar, done continuous welfare, mother fade in your parity God *
Never let the son lose his courage, the gentleman is the court. In the interest of happiness, misery and sorrow, you have walked on the thorns and given the gift of Abhay, the mother fades in your parity God *
Ram ji please
Radha Swamiji

Updated: May 13, 2018 — 6:32 pm
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