Morning time simran kyu karna chaiye padhiye ….

Why should we simran in the morning? *
What is so important about the morning simran?
In the morning, Simran is so important because you meet the guru before you meet the devil.
_♥. You meet the guru before completing the circumstances of life.
_ you talk to the guru before you talk to many people.
_ ? before interacting with others, you interact with satguru.
_(hear the word from heaven before you get any fresh news.
You sit in front of the guru before sitting in front of the people.

You kneel in front of the guru before they kneel in front of men.
Before you respect the people, you respect guru.
Before you come to the presence of the people, you come to the guru presence.
_ you feed your soul before feeding your body.
_ you call a call before you call all other small names.
Before you see yourself in the mirror, see the guru.
Guru loving sangat ji, all brothers and sisters and friends, add the hands of love radha savāmī ji…

Updated: March 4, 2018 — 8:22 pm
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