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We all talk about doing idealistic and doing good things. Such as saving electricity, not throwing garbage on the road, do not waste the wedding ceremony or other events or food in your home, adhering to traffic rules, helping some needy and much more. But more than half of us do not follow such things. Why is it that people we read do not follow these small things?
That is why it is said, a saying is that “the drops fill the pot from the drop of drops”. So there is a difference from your efforts!
I am presenting an inspirational story (Hindi Motivational Story) here, which you may have heard but maybe you have not used your life yet. This story tells you that you do not believe or believe but there is a difference.
Starfish – Motivational Moral Story in Hindi
A man was walking on the beach. He noticed that at some distance a young man leaned over the sand and picked it up in the water and shudderily. On reaching near him, the man asked him – “And brother, what are you doing?”
The young man replied – “I am throwing these fish in the sea.”
“But what is the need to throw them in the water?” – Man said.
The young man said – “The water of the tide is getting off and the heat of the sun is increasing. If I do not throw them back in water then they will die”.
The man saw that the fish had spread far and wide on the beach. He said, “How many fish are there in this mile long beach? What will you get from putting some of this back in the water? What will be the difference?

young man listened quietly to the man, then he bowed on the sand and raised another fish and thrust it into the water with water and said:
You can not find anything from this
I could not find anything from this
The world can not find anything from this
But “this fish will get everything”.
This is the only difference between thinking. A person with positive thoughts thinks that a lot of people will get something from his small efforts, but the person in negative thought will feel that it is a waste of time.
It is up to us that we like the saying –
“Lonely gram can not crack.”
“Blob fills itself with a drop of drops”
The food we eat is only waste, whereas in the second and in India daily, millions of people sleep hungry.
The people we have read are wastage of power, while there are still no electricity in thousands of villages in India.
Such educated people will also get easy access to those who do not have too much time (time) to get the injured person to the hospital lying on the road.

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