Last Year Mumbai 30 June Satsang with baba ji

Last Year Mumbai_30_Jun_Satsang
Today # Baba_aji was very beautiful, the little white lady was blossoming on Babaji. About 45 minutes of satsang did. The Mamasoon, which came here on June 7, has not yet come. Here, after a very long interval, there is the presence of beloved Satyaguru. Satguru has slowed down in all satsang
Smiling gave a lot of coolness. # Many times more than expected expectations had to be cooked again in the anchor which only had to weave a lot for eating # compatible. A friend of Das was in charge of #internet in the service. He had also been dizzy due to the heat. He told that the fruity juice had soaked up very soon, which had to be repeated two times. # The beginning of Satsang # Babaji, What is religion and what we have come here to do. No religion breaks. When we go to some form, we give them the greatest respect, they give us the greatest respect. If we ask someone what your religion is? What is the purpose of your life? The real way to meet God. Our religion is love and love. “Listen to me, listen to all the love of my heart.” Whenever someone went to meet with love and love, Hujur, I used to ask my uncle. That is to say, Bhajan. We are well aware and how many times have we heard of this. Even then, day and night, he is behind him.If we say that he has divine prejudice, if any one is rich to someone poor, someone blessed to the rich, it will be wrong.If he prefers, then our worship is not worth it. Our karma is due to which we are living the lives of different types. They are going in and said that some women come with me, some thoughts have gone in the past. But if again, Happened and
It happens repeatedly, then it takes the form of karma. That is why eliminatethe thinking that change the thinking. Bring the man down. At the time of Samanan, it does not have to fight the entire battle. The one-sided meditation is that it is not to be forced by force or else it reacts. One considers the ray of the sun. It is different from the sun but you see the sharpness of sunflower. Mahapurka always takes our attention to the target, not that they have to make any kind of thing here. They said # Hujur used to say the magnet iron piece was natural Toner pulls, but if we keep weight on the iron ketchup, Magnet will not be able to pull it. Similarly, magnet is divine and spirit is our action which is not pulling. That is why it is difficult to reconcile the soul

with spirituality. Once you have asked Dr. Jonson, from #Hujur_JI, you say, “Pray with love and love. Will give it Hujurmuskuraa said that he will also give in When you have to give doctor bola, then you
Do what we have to do again. # Hujurbole’s way of giving a hymn is also Simran So # bhajan # Simran do it. Heapuga. And tell about Karma, if a farmer’s milk grows in another farm, then he has to give account of it. Manjamabur is there anything that is not in his bus. What can a person do? Mahaparkho Earn money from the name of this simple devotion to avoid it.
Many people share their experiences with others, they should not do this, everyone’s experience is different from 2, because everybody’s work is different. Therefore, the possibility is also different. Therefore, other people screw up the time in seeing those experiences in those who are wrong Reaction of every action It happens that no daughter plays with knees until she gets a healer. The hours go downwards towards the heart. It is also necessary to make balance in life.Rom Vas Note Build in a Day.Insnation is bigger than the Himalayan Mountains.
“Four Guava Hand Hands Four Javed Managesia Tu Aayo Kedekam”
“Name Rahyo Sadhu Rahio Rahyo Gurgovind”
If you want to sit for two and a half hours, leave it to me. Do you sit still? Before enrolling, we took the entire search and took many promises from you. Some people even told you that at the time that you do not get in the eyebrow, but you took # names without worrying everyone and made many promises. But now everyone is forgotten. When you came to Namleen, now you get confused. If we do show the doctor but do not take medicines nor do Bhajke Then the effect of the medicine will be done. Here’s the #incompany that comes after a long time. Brother O’Tarruz is not ready to meet any other day. The donor is ready but the buyer is not ready. They have a complete realization of their love and lack of responsibility, who do not fulfill their commitment.
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

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