Lahore ke ladke ki Sakhi…. (must read)

A Lahore boy was a satsang and a loving creature. When Verma’s battle began, the Satguru took care of it. Did not meet the ship tickets at that time. Satguru gave a vision. Said-“Thou walk, the ticket will be found when two ships are removed, then sit in the third. It was a poor walk when the ship got a ticket ready. When the Lord climbed, he began to say as a aggage – do not sit in the place. The mind had settled, saying-Sahib is in this place. But still they did not sit in it. The second ship came after this. He also appeared in the form of a military officer and didn’t even sit on the thrust of him. When the third ship has arrived, the saying will not be properly reached. When I sat in the ship, Satguru came to the Netherlands dream and said – look what I did for you though. Tujheabhi will know that both ships are sunk. It will be a little too good, but you do not panic. It was only after a short while that the first two ships were both drowned. They didn’t even know the

two ships. I was very surprised. So our ship was Dolane, all very ghabaraye, and I was sitting quietly in the care of Satguru. Satguru began to say that when aggage the military officer was saved, why not save now, you are sitting silently. I started sitting silently and saying, I’m going to save me. So the ship went well, we persuaded the happily shore. The boy made a very recent description of the large satsang of the repository – the blessed True King, seeing that humans know. We cannot understand what you have-I Lord you have brought you, otherwise I could not come, the Blessed Satguru is the true Shahenshah. Lord told Kaka I am not so sure what all Waheguru games are, something that has happened, thy love and trust. I am the Sevadar of the hermit saint. Thankfully, the true Colossus lends me service. Blessed is the true king of the Oppressed world, Sevadar, we teach the fools a lesson.
All furry satasangi siblings and friends love to add hand-stuffed Radha Savami ji..

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