Kayi logo ke man main ek e sawal ata hai ‘Malik’?

But there is a reason behind everything
Swami Ji Maharaj asked the same question of a soul in this world, you sent us why
Maharaji replied – in earlier eras when a severe penance for many years, he was asked for his mouth was blessed.
And then he calls himself 64 times by standing on one leg spirits has demanded to us.
Due to his austerity and souls, we had to call and you have to come into the world. But since we had word that the spirit of that soul back to our name Jpegi you assign us, so Cal had promised us the name of that soul will you earn for Namdan himself and wants to go back sachkhand .

Swamiji emphasized on the laughing and said it came in what the hey, what the status of that time he was the age of 64 do

penance by standing on one leg does
That which we had no time did penance by standing on one leg 64 times
That was what we had to think of a time to ask the spirits
It was our business, we have the time Connor asked for a commitment to keep secret the names and names.
And the Spirit and asked why did you do?
Citizens filled the building and souls sent here,
Then Swamiji said it’s now time to come I promise you we will not send you back to the sufferings of the city, just to earn name and once you get out of here by Simran hymns.

Updated: January 31, 2017 — 12:45 pm
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