Jamshedpur baba ji Question and Answer

There were about 75000 in jamshedpur.
Babaji came in 9;08 and took a vision in the anchor and came into the stalls, after nearly 60 minutes of the saga of babaji, bābājī and pleased with him.
Then there was a very beautiful word in the eyes of babaji and the eyes of babaji, before the question was answered for 35 minutes.
In question reply babaji had a lot of good questions and responding to a very good question.
A girl questioned what this name is.
The answer of babaji — this name has been created by creation and is being created by this word.
Girl — what is this tomorrow
Babaji — God has created the period of time, if he did not create time, all of them were trapped in sabī and

brahmi, so that he may understand the meaning of dayal.
Girl — Babaji if we can get rid of our name without earning
Babaji — no, yes if he doesn’t simran him. There is no problem. He definitely used to call swami ji maharaj, even if bhajan is not to be simran, but understand your duty and rest of God’s will.
Boy — Babaji give us the karma to donate
Babaji — we should donate, but at the place where you have donated, you donated and drinking alcohol, the burden of all his deeds will come only above the people who have donated. Please donate and donate…
Guru loving sangat ji, all brothers and sisters and friends, add the hands of love radha savāmī ji…

Updated: March 14, 2018 — 8:29 pm
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