Inspirational Saakhi by Satsang 2018 (Sunday)

Inspirational Saakhi
A bunch of vultures were wandering in search of food, flying freeways they reached an island. That place was like heaven for them. every! Frogs, fish and sea creatures were present for eating, and more than that, there was no wild animal hunting the vultures and they could live there without any fear.
The young vultures were very excited, one of them said, “Wow! Have fun, now I will not go anywhere from here, here we are sitting without any effort, we are getting dinner! ”
The rest of the vultures also came in their Yes, they began to roam happily, but they were passing on the funeral. But the oldest vulture of the herd was not happy with it. One day while expressing his concern, he said, “Brothers, we are vultures, Known for the power of high flying and accurate winding. But since we have come here everybody has been summoned. High flying, so far, most vultures are not far from many months … And because of the food they get easily, now we are forgetting to hunt all … It is not good for the future … I will find that I will leave this island and return to those old forests … if anyone wants to walk with me then it can go! ”
Listen to the old vulture, the rest of the vultures begin to laugh. Someone called him mad and someone started giving him the title of a fool. The poor old vulture came back alone.

Time passed, a few years later, the old vulture thought, “Do not know how many days I should live, why not go once and meet with my old companions!”
When he reached the island after a long journey, the scene there was frightening.
Most of the vultures were killed and the survivors were badly injured.
“How did this happen?”, The old vulture asked.
A whirling vulture said moaning, “We’ll be sorry, we did not take your views seriously and made fun of you … Actually, after a few months of your leaving a big ship came to this island … and a group of cheats left here Added Cheetahs did not attack us at first, but as soon as they came to know that we can not fly high or attack with our claws … they started eating us. Now our population is on the verge of ending .. Just like some of the injured vultures are alive! ”
The old vulture could just regret seeing them, they went back to the forests. Friends, if we do not use any of our power, then we gradually lose it.
One of the greatest strengths of human beings is to join God with the name of the Guru and wake up to this power and go back to Nijham with joy.
Radha soami ji

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