Home Remedies for Cough

Home Remedies for Cough, Home Remedies For Cough
Cough may occur at any time. There are some diseases, such as colds, coughs, headaches and colds, for whose treatment we avoid going to the doctor. If you have cough problems, you can not do any work with ease. Cough may be due to any reason. Due to changing weather, cold or hot drinking or drinking or due to allergic to dust or anything else Due to cough, there is more trouble. Let us tell you about some measures to avoid cough.
Home Remedies for Cough Remedies –
Heat 15-20 grams of cow’s milk and black pepper in a bowl and light it in a light flame. When the black pepper becomes hot, add a little about 20 grams of pc misery by cooling it a little bit. After that, remove black pepper and eat it. By taking this dose for two to three days the cough will stop.
Boil the basil leaves in 5 grams, 5 black black manukas, 5 grams of bran (6 grams of wheat flour), 6 grams of Mulhathi, 3 grams of bunks of fennel and 200 grams of water. When the water is half, cool it and filter it. Then heat it and add hot water to the nights. Cough is cured by taking this dose for 3-4 days.
When coughing, heat the rock salt nugget well on the fire. When the salt nuggets become hot red, add half a cup of water into it.

Take it. Then drink this salted water. The cough ends by drinking this water for 2-3 days after drinking it.
Heat a gram rock salt and 125 grams of water. Drink half of the water when boiling it, then drink it. Cough will be stopped in a few days after drinking this water in the morning and evening.
After coughing, boil drying the milk into the milk. Drink this milk while sleeping in the evening. By doing so, cough gets cured in a few days.
Cough is cured by eating honey, raisins and sesame seeds.
Drink equal honey in Triphala drinking it helps in coughing.
Coughing ends by drinking tea of ​​basil, black pepper and ginger.
It provides relief in coughing by mixing asafoetida, Triphala, Mitali and Mithri with lemon juice.
Dry cough is more troublesome. Dry cough does not cause cough, it cures only, which bothers. If cough comes for more days then it should not be ignored. The doctor should contact the person for two weeks after coughing.

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