Heart Touching 20 Lines

1. * Qabil people neither suppress anybody or suppress anybody. *.
2. * Zamana is also weird, makes fun of the failed people and burns with successful people .?
3. What irony! Some people live and die *, * and some die even after death *. ?
4. * Respect does not need any man. If the need ends, then the respect will end. *.
5. * The true seeker will talk to you in every way *. * You will talk to each issue but *
* Cheating will only be a love affair * .?
6. * Give everybody the same amount of heart as they are. Otherwise they will cry themselves, or they will rouse you. *.
7. * Be happy but never be satisfied * .?
8. * If you want to succeed in life then keep money in pocket always, not in mind *.
9. Human beings are poor, according to their own needs. *.
10. * As long as you have money, world will ask brother how are you * ?
11. * There is no selfishness hidden behind every friendship, there is no friendship behind which selfishness is not hidden behind .?

12. * The world has lost most dreams, this is what people will say.
13. * When people were illiterate, the family used to be one, I have often seen educated people in broken families.
14. * Broken relationships from births and births are also added. * The front face should work with you *. ?
15. * Every problem has two solutions .. *
* Take part .. (run away) *
* Take part * (part) *
* Choice is for you to do * .?
16. * It should be done in such a way that if someone tells you bad about it, then no one should believe in it.
17. Do not show off your success to your parents, they have won you their life. *.
18. * If you have to be popular in life, then you should use the word ‘we’ followed by the word ‘we’ and the least ‘i’. *.
19. * There is no sympathy for anybody in this world, by keeping the body in the cremation ground, its people wipe it out. And how long it will take.
20. * Two unimaginable works of the world – the “motherly” of the mother and the “ability” of the father. *.

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