Heart-touching 19 lines

Heart-touching lines *
1. * Give everybody the same amount of heart as they are. Otherwise they will cry themselves, or they will rouse you *.
2. * Be happy but never be satisfied *.
3. If you want to be successful in life then always keep money in pocket, not in the mind *.
4. Human beings are not according to their earnings, but they are poor according to their needs.
5. * The biggest dreams in the world are breaking this, that’s what people will say *.
6. * When the people were illiterate, the family used to be one, I have often seen educated people in broken families *.
7. * Every problem has two solutions .. *
* Take part .. (run away) *
* Take part * (part) *
* Choice you have to do *.
8. Do not show off your success to your parents, they have won you for losing your life.
9. If you want to be popular in life then you should use the word ‘we’, then the word ‘we’ and the least ‘i’.

10. * There is no sympathy for anybody in this world, by keeping the corpse in the cremation ground, its people woke up. And how long it will take.
11. * Two unimaginable works of the world – the “Mom” of the mother and the “ability” of the father to find out.
12. * If someone is successful in making you angry, then understand that you are the puppet of his hand *.
13. If no one ignores you then do not mind, q that people often ignore expensive things beyond status *
14. * Do not delay in confession and leave the crime, Q. The longer the journey, the return becomes equally difficult.
15. * No one could see his helplessness selling breaths in the balloons *.
16. * Keep laughing, the world is together, otherwise tears can not be found in the eyes too *.
17. * How wonderful is God’s balance in the world, 100kg. Ange’s bag which can pick up can not buy and can not afford it.
18. * Do not take any decision when you are angry and do not make any promises when you are happy (Remember to never remember this) *.
19. * Who will remember me in this enigmatic world, people do not even remember you even if you do not like God *.

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