Ek mahila ki Real Story Airplane par safar krte hue

An extraordinary woman entered the aircraft and looked in search of her seat. He saw that his seat is next to such a person. Both of which do not have hands. The woman hesitated to sit with that disadvantaged person.
The ‘beautiful woman’ spoke to the airhostes, “I will not be able to travel on this seat comfortably, because the person who is sitting in the seat of the seat does not have both hands.” That beautiful lady urged the airhostess to change the seat.
Uncomfortable airhostess asked, “can Mam me tell me the reason?”
‘Beautiful’ woman replied, “I do not like such people. I will not be able to sit and sit with such a person.”
The airhostess was shocked to hear this woman being seen to be seen and seen to be humble. The woman once again insisted with the airhostess that “I can not sit on that seat, so I should be given a second seat.”
The airhostess looked around looking for an empty seat, but no seat was seen empty.
Airhostes said to the woman, “Madam, there is no vacant seat in this economy class, but it is our duty to take care of the convenience of the passengers, so I talk to the captain of the plane, please keep some patience till then.” By saying this, the hostess went to talk to the captain.

After some time after looting, she told the lady, “Madam, you are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. In this entire plane, only one seat is vacant and it is in the first class. I talked to our team and we The decision to send a passenger from the economy class to the first class is being done for the first time in our company’s history. ”
The ‘beautiful’ lady was very pleased, but before that she could express herself and say a word … the airhostess went towards the disabled and both hands, and politely asked him, “Sir, are you the first Because we do not want you to be troubled by traveling with a vulgar traveler.
Listening to this, all travelers welcomed this decision by clapping. She was looking very beautiful and now she was not able to look after shyness.
Then the insane person stood up and said, “I am an ex-serviceman and I lost my both hands in a bomb blast on the Kashmir border during an operation. First of all, when I heard the discussion of these goddess, then I thought I had also risked my life for the safety of those people and lost their hands .. But when you saw all the reaction, now I am proud of myself that I have given my country
The ‘beautiful’ woman was completely embarrassed and sat on the head bowed seat.
If there is no generosity in thoughts then such beauty does not have any value.
Radha Swamiji

Updated: August 7, 2018 — 7:33 pm
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