Ek Bahut he Motivational Sakhi by Satsang..

Good work should always be done !!
A man called a painter to his house, and showed his boat and said, paint it. He took painter paint and painted that boat, as the red color, as the owner of the boat wanted. Then the painter took his money, and went away.
The next day, the owner of that boat reached the painter’s house, and he gave a huge amount of money to the painter. The painter got confused, and asked what is this money for? My money was given to you yesterday itself.
The owner said that “This is not the money of the paint, but it is the money to repair the” hole “in that boat.”
Painter said. “Hey Sahab, he was a small hole, so I stopped. So much money is not feeling good for that small hole.”
The owner said, “friend, you do not understand me, I explain to you in a good detail. When I told you to paint,

then forgot to tell you in a hurry that the boat has a hole, repair it. When the paint dried up, my two children, … went out on a trip to fish by taking that boat into the sea.
I was not at home at that time, but when I came back and heard from my wife that the kids have gone on boats, on the sail, .. then I got screwed. Because I remember that there is a hole in the boat. I fell down on the side where my dear children had gone. But on a short distance I found my children, who were returning to Sakulals. Now you can understand the happiness and happiness of mine. Then I checked the hole, then found out that. Do not tell me, you have repaired him. So, my friend, .. for that great work, so this money is too small. I am not an ordinary person, I can pay you fine for that work. “

Updated: March 25, 2018 — 8:17 pm
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