What is the difference between Guru and God (bhagwan or guru main fark)

The difference in Guru and God
* There is a difference in guru and God.
A man’s house was both God and Guru, he came out and began to fall in stages.
He dropped into the Lord’s stages so God spoke – wait – wait in the first master steps.
He went to the stages of the race guru. The Guru spoke-I brought to God,
Go to the phases of God first.
He’s been in God’s feet so God has spoken – this God has not only brought the master,
If the Guru has not mentioned it, go to the first guru stages.
Then he went to the guru stages.
The Guru didn’t speak – I didn’t tell you, but who created thee?
God has created the same, not the first step of God.
Then he went to God’s feet.
God spoke – wait I made you, that’s all right. You have come to my feet.

But I have a method of justice. If you’ve done good,
If you have good deeds, then you will find heaven.
will receive salvation, good birth, good vagina.
But if you come by doing bad karma,
So I also have a provision for a penalty.
Eighty-four lakhs will be bhatkae in the vagina, then atakoge, your soul shall suffer.
Then hell, and you’ll get stuck. But it is Guru Na, it is very gullible.
Beside it, you have gone before in stages, even in the way you are.
It will embrace you.
And you will be cleansed in my phases. Where the prize is prized.
This is why gurus are never bhagata.
Guru Vibrancy, who also meets him, embraces him.
He does good and gives in the phases of God *

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