Dera Beas question Answers 27-05-2017

Dera Beas question Answers 27-05-2017
1. Boy – Babaji is required to take up name donation for salvation
Babaji – not a son. That’s not all. If the heart is Love and Birah, then the owner will Baksheesh.
2. Boy – Babaji I want to choose one of persuing and medical, and I am good at both. What do
Babaji – Strut Bakad banbe bow. ASI Ninety whole sleep. (strongly peals in compatible)
Don’t help the boy – Babaji
Babaji-Tu-banaja half-engineered and half-doctor. Banake the doctor and give the engineer Banake a new Thought. (Compatible loud Laughing)
3. The Girl (screeching) – Babaji has got a mistake from me. Have you forgiven me karadoge.
Babaji-the son will suffer if the mistake has been made.
Girl (and Screeching) – Babaji again What do I forgive of karadoge

Babaji-son learns from his mistakes. If the mistake is made then the double will suffer.
4. Girl – Babaji My result is going to come. To Mercy
Babaji – Smiling, son
5. Boy – Babaji I take care of what I do so often.
Babaji – Wedding Karle. When the wife is tight, the bar will remember Babaji (strongly peals in compatible)
6. The Girl – Babaji is our uncle there. They serve their duty to get there now
Babaji (says) – son we do not have the name of a Administration’s or a particular person. Only Parmartha is to talk.
7. The boy – Babaji who did not take the name of the donation will handle them.
Babaji – the son handle and the name is not a relationship to the charity. That love has to be handled.
Guru beloved Gunning compatible Ji loves all Satasangi siblings and friends by adding hands to Radha Savami Ji…

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