Delhi king ki Story Sunai

Naseeruddin Mahmud has become a Muslim king in Delhi. His rule was not to spend anything from the treasury for himself, but to live with his earnings. His job was to remove the work from the court and write Quran Sharif with his hand and on the assumption that it was sold in the market and sold. The money brought by the servant, he used to spend his money for his wife and children.
The servant who was his servant had many months left to the emperor. Once the letter came from the servant, come home immediately. He told the emperor that I pay my salary to let me go home. The king did not have the money at that time, he deferred. This is how many months passed. So many letters came from home that come home early. After all he took permission from the King. The king paid two rupees to him. He was shocked The emperor said, this is my earning money. Haq’s earnings come in earnest. Go! The owner will bark
The servant came running with two rupees, but he started thinking that if I would go home, then the relative would say that you were the servant of the king, what did you bring? The pomegranate crop was very good in that area on that year. On one side of the road, look at the cheap and good

pomegranates. Thought for two rupees to buy this. Two-two, four-four parts will all come in. Thinking he bought these pomegranate pomegranates. Well- it became very bitter.
Taking a bundle, he went home. His house was in the countryside of Bagh. Incidentally the queen of that sick became ill Big doctors and doctors have been called. He said that its life can be saved when it is given to pomegranate juice.
There were no pomegranates in that area. The King defeated the one who brings a pomegranate, he will get a thousand rupees reward. The servant also reached there. Shit heard Detected then it was known that the matter is fine. Raj went to the court The king saw pomegranate Happened, the servant said, take as much as you like. The king paid the price according to need and paid a thousand rupees per price. Then give two soldiers along with that, let’s get it well in the house. Now he had become the owner of thousands of rupees. When he reached his house, his family members were very happy with him and seeing him so happy.
* So much money is earned in Halal’s earnings. *
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